Michel Des Marais
The man who painted de sheep
The man who painted the sheep in his way

At the age of 5 years, met a man would change his life. After years of reflection, also wanted to become an artist, like the great Leo Ayotte. He was told that an artist can not make a living, you need to change your mind and have a real job. Nevertheless, it is without hesitation that he chose to be happy to pursue her dream of becoming a painter.

After a diploma in art and several formations, the desire to communicate a story, an idea, an emotion, a drawing or painting became stronger than him. The desire to paint nature in all seasons and in all its forms is visceral.

Today, it is with pride that he looks his career more than twenty honorary chairmanships in various artistic events, exhibition at the Louvre Carrousel in Paris twice, to René Magritte House in Belgium over 300 solo and group exhibitions in Quebec and Canada. Twenty exhibitions in France, Belgium and Hungary. He sold paintings on several continents and won the audience award several times including one in a gallery in Paris.

Named Cultural Ambassador for Artists 11 Nations, he received it Stanké the price for all of his career. It was a cultural ambassador for the 400th anniversary celebrations of Quebec. He is also a member of several groups, including RAAV, the Society of Fine Arts in Paris, as well as an honorary member of the Academy Mazarine in France for my devotion to the arts. His paintings are found in another at the United Nations Office at Geneva, the European Union in Brussels and many other places.

Here humbly what it is, an enthusiast, an artist.


The painting of Michel Des Marais, the man who paint the sheep.