Michel Des Marais
The man who painted de sheep

Artistic approach

Michel Des Marais, the man who painted the sheep in his way
Born in Montreal of a working class, nothing predestined me to this artistic life. The desire to create was inside me since childhood. The shapes, colors and compositions grew in my head. I wanted to share an emotion, a mood, a vibration very smoothly. My meeting with Leo Ayotte has been the trigger, I also wanted to express myself and paint.

I started with oil painting with which I have worked for over 25 years. Today I use acrylics for a health issue, but also a practical issue when traveling. In figurative painter first, it was in 1998 that I incorporated a form that I stylized, who created a match between figurative and naive painting. The way to Des Marais was born and made me known in Quebec, Canada in over 30 exhibitions internationally.

Move, that's what I am, so life model influence my work. More freedom in gesture and spontaneity guide my work and enriched my new series of major Quebec forests.

• Cultural Ambassador of the 11 Nations artists
• Member of the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris
• Professional Member RAAV
• Honorary Member Academy Mazarine, France
• Member of AAPARS
• Member of The L'Atelier Libre de Beloeil

Freedom to Live painter feeds my soul. Welcome to my world!

The painting of Michel Des Marais, the man who paint the sheep.