As a young boy he pretended all sorts of duties in order to sneak into the workshop of Léo Ayotte, a neighbour. A great love had begun… painting.

Well hidden at the bottom of his heart for many years, he makes a return to study art at the begining of the 1980's, to discover that his talent had matured.

He then attends many workshops like the ones of Laurent Bonet, Nelson Dupré, Jeanine Bourret, Pierre Duhamel, Yvon Boucher, And Beata Tyrala, Serge Babeux, Roland Palmaerts, Clarence Bourgoin.

Today the artist enjoys his freedom to paint and affirms his tenderness towards the skies and countrysides of Quebec. From ther soars a form of freshness lighting his rustic sceneries. A new study, a new subject, who knows…
a new force guides Michel Des Marais.

The sensitivity and the passion that he withholds lead to the temptation to accompany him through the fields and the shepherd farms.
The man who painted the sheep in his way

Pense Web - Online tickets sales The painting of Michel Des Marais, the man who paint the sheep.